The Big Day….Impressions

Her dress was classic. Loved her hair and the Cartier tiara lovely. Pippa looked fab. Does anyone know who made her dress. I liked the “modern” music and absolutely loved the trees in the Abby. Anna and I plan to go in tomorrow if it is open.

Saw the wedding on tv and then dashed down to BP to see the balcony scene. Our flat on Sloane Gardens is really close and we made it in plenty of time, HOWEVER, it was a crush of people. If you saw on tv, we were right smack on the front gates. Probably too close because I could only see heads. Further back would have been better. Ah…I’ve got blisters and we both have crowd fatigue. A beer or glass of wine is in order.

Also, who made those divine dresses the little girls wore.


Time for comments….

Carole Middleton…..dress great, hat average, bad hair
Camila….really lovely coat and love the hat
Princess Michael of Ken….should be shot for wearing such a big obnoxious hat
The Queen…..Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Never disappoints. Perfect color Never go anywhere without your purse

Still mulling our Friday…..

Anna and I have NEVER been as indecisive about anyting as we are about where to be at 11am on the 29 April 2011. There are so many factors that play into our back and forth about where to go. We both really want to say we saw them head to the church….BUT we wouldn’t get to see the dress, guests, etc. We have the option of watching with any number of friends, HOWEVER, it’s also nice to sit and watch something without someone else’s commentary. We can watch it on a big screen at several venue’s but if the light isn’t perfect you can’t see the screen well. I know I’m whinnng but the pressure is on. Anna and I will decide tomorrow morning. This is so unlike us. Both of us know our minds and are usually very straight forward.

Today was marvelous. After coffee with one lot of friends and lunch with another, we struck off for the Goring Hotel and walked the route of the procession. Talked to lots of diehard royalist sleeping on the pavement from all over the world. It was a trip. This is the gospel truth….we literallry bumped into Katie Couric. Had a nice chat with her and she went about her business walking. We spent hours along the route finally ending up at the Abby. What fun. The mood of everyone from the security to the people who keep the route clean and tidy was pure joy. Anyway, after a fab dinner at Amaya (we all talked among tables about the wedding…The Queen was two blocks away hosting an event so her security was everywhere) and now after more discussion….we definitely decided to decide in the morning…Off to bed and dreams of a lovely dress. Blogging tomorrow about the dress AND I want your comments….and don’t be shy. If you don’t like it say so. I certainly will. (by the way…excuse my misspelling, I can’t find spell check in this program)

The team is complete….

Anna arrived this morning at Sloane Gardens after an uneventful flight from Boston. She sat next to young Brits who feigned complete disinterest in all the festivities. One of them said she had gone to school with Kate Middleton but only just knew her…not well at all. Anyway, after a brisk early morning walk, coffee and the papers, we’re charting our strategy for the big day. Last night, Ted drove me up the Mall and all around Buckingham Palace to try to decide where we should go. The press stand is enormous and they have the ideal outlook. MF pointed out a few places that have stairs and would be ideal for seeing everyone in the procession. They will all leave from different venues, however all will go back to the Palace. The big decision is whether we get up early and trek over to BP and try to get a good position or if we should go to Hyde Park where giant screens are set up OR go to Partridges where there is a giant screen and champagne! Ummmm…champagne is sounding awfully good to me. More later. Work to do today seeing flats and Anna is resting and then off to Vicarage Court for drinks with Hilary and Chinatown for crispy duck. Sounds like a perfect London day…

Opinions abound in this town…..

and that makes me a very happy girl. I had tea today with a friend and she’s all in atwitter about the veil. She definitely wants a veiled face. She was telling me the tradition started in the middle ages when men were marrying “dogs” (her words not mine) and if the groom had seen her before the wedding he would have bolted. She also wants a big dress to fill the Abby. Not I. Kate can handle a slim dress and if properly porportioned it will be lovely in the Abby. The Abby is glorious, but the bride will be the star. Anyway, I’m still lobbying for a lace veil a la Queen Victoria. I imagine they have the most amazing veils in the royal archives and it would be so tempting to go vintage. I’m really upset they didn’t ask my opinion!

An Interlude….

So, I’m at Carphone Warehouse buying a pay as you go cheap phone for Anna to have when she’s here and the girl waiting on me got talking about all the hoopla. I’d say she was in her late 20’s or early 30’s and of course she had very definite opinions on what else…..THE DRESS. I told her that I saw Kate Middleton in a 30’s style, drapey, fitted dress with a mega train (all in silk of course). I envision a veil, but not one that covers her face and to cap it off a splendid tiara (hair half up and half down). Well that went over like a lead ballon and Karin gave me both barrells on what Kate should wear (if she had anything to do with it). She would have her hair completely up, (no stragling locks) the boldest tiara the royal family has in the vault, very, very simple flowers, a tight fitted bodice with a hint of jewels throughout the fabic and the biggest skirt ever made (different fabric of course). She sees her in a face covering veil (I don’t) and a hugely dramatic moment when the veil is lifted and everyone goes AHHHH. It will be so fun to see whose vision is closer to reality.

T minus 4 and counting….

Finally here and was surprised that there were so few Americans on the plane. There were two chaps behind me who had never been to London and were coming for the Wedding. They had an elaborate strategy all mapped on how they would dash to Westminster Abby to see the bride go in and then dash to Buchingham Palace to see the flyover and the kiss (wouldn’t it be a hoot if they didn’t kiss! Everyone expects it and I’d love it if Will and Kate just said Uh…whatever) Anyway, I didn’t have the heart to tell them that there would be one million plus doing the same thing And security baracades everywhere.

The weather is glorious and after a brief rest, I’ll hit the streets and soak up the festivities. Later….AC